This is a "quick read" liberal/progressive based humor site.   Not everything we post has to do with politics, but without sounding pretentious, we like to think of our content as always striving to be "hip" and at least somewhat "cerebral." 

There are many anonymous funny people out there who don't get published and this website is designed to give us all a chance to show off our creative wit(y'know, strength in numbers and all that).

We're looking for submissions for very quick, humorous(or pithy) comments on current news topics or burning social issues:

  • Brief Commentaries(this may include re-posts of your Facebook and Twitters posts, perhaps expanded a bit)
  • Funny Lists(ala Letterman, but not exactly)
  • Original Cartoons
  • Photoshopped Comics
  • Funny Photos(perhaps with humorous captions)
  • Funny Quotes(odd, outrageous, unintentionally humorous or wildly inaccurate quotes from politicians, pundits, celebrities, etc.)
  • Original Video & Audio creations(please keep them short)
  • Links to Youtube or other "free to repost" videos.
Note 1: We are "old school" in that we discourage vulgarity.   Think cerebral, not crude.

Note 2:  Currently there is no pay for submissions.  However, we look forward to someday having a selected group of "premium contributors" who may just get talent fees(but keep your day job). 

Show us your humor.  While we re-post certain professional pieces(with permission), submissions from talented non-professionals are what we're especially looking for.  Send material to: