Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hey, hold the phone a minute.  If these protestors are indeed trust-fund kids, Rush should like the cut of their jib(so to speak).   If they have trust funds, they come from wealthy families and the wealthy are Rush's kind of people - work ethic based Americans who most likely made their fortune in Rush's beloved "free market" economy.   

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Support Public Education - I'm a Socialist!!

That's according to Ron Paul:  Hey if it ain't privatized, it's socialism.  Ask Grover Norquist, ask Karl Marx, ask Fidel Castro.  Do you support your local police and fire departments?  You're a socialist.  Do you support public parks and recreation?  You're a socialist.  Police, for instance, would do a much better job catching criminals and restoring law and order to our cities if their was a profit margin involved.  

Monday, November 7, 2011

Oakland Police, Appropriate Behavior and True Meaning of Free Speech

Now the Oakland police have shot a rubber bullet at a videographer(who asked for permission to videotape):  We all know what happened in Oakland a few weeks ago(I thought since then the mayor came out in support of Occupy Oakland?).  The physical and right wing verbal attacks on the OWS movement, brings up the eternal question from freedom loving right wing patriots.  What is the fine line between 1st Amendment guaranteed free speech and treason(Bill O'Reilly once suggested Al Franken and other staffers of the old Air America radio network be arrested for treason for their criticisms of the Iraq War).   Some possible explanations from the minds of "patriots":

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Attention MeTV Fans: You're Probably Old

They just added MeTV here in Rochester, NY.  I love it.  I love classic TV and they've got quite a lineup.  If I could stay up really late I could watch reruns of the classic Route 66(aka, 2 guys and a Corvette who make frequent stops in various towns  and stumble upon who need their help).   As it is, being a night person with a night schedule, I can sometimes stay awake for The Untouchables, which airs weekdays at 12:30am ET..  Before the Godfather saga, Goodfellas and The Sorpranos, The UT's was our first real look at the mafia.  Lots of other goods show on MeTV too.  Check out their website:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This is a humor blog, but this isn't very funny.  Unless you're a wealthy CEO:

Rick Scott Disses Liberal Arts Studies 

It's LIBERAL arts. That means they're teaching young people to become America hating socialists. We should be teaching Conservative Arts, such as Medicare Fraud 101....then kids could get jobs that really pay good.
“I got accused of not liking anthropologists the other day,” Scott said.  “But just think about it, how many more jobs do think there are for anthropologists in the state?"

Can't you just take an anthropology course without actually becoming an anthropologist?  I thought that was the idea behind liberal arts - learn a liberal amount of subject matter.  I guess that "L" word really bothers some people no matter how it's used.

Monday, August 29, 2011 Labor Day Special

It Teabaggers Could Think Logically

"I'm a diehard teabagger and since I detest deficit spending above all else, my least favorite president was George W. Bush. I also disliked Ronald Reagan & George H.W. Bush.My favorite president in modern times was Bill Clinton. 

We teabaggers should have spoken up over 10 years ago. We're sorry we remained silent until 2009. Based on our hatred of deficit spending how could we have thought otherwise"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crystal Ball: Future Michelle Bachmann Quotes

No, she hasn't said these yet, but give it time:

(December 25th) "Let's all congratulate Jesus on this, the anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah"

"On his midnight run, Paul Revere crossed over the Erie Canal where he ran into George Washington, who happened to be crossing the Delaware at the same time"

"President Lincoln gets all the credit for freeing the slaves, but Millard Fillmore laid all the groundwork"

"Racial inequality in this country is overplayed.  Never as bad as liberals made it out to be.  Look at your town - it was named after Jack Benny's butler." (campaigning in either Rochester, NY, NH or MN)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Toothpaste for Dinner

Random Thought

Nobody has to be out of work in this country, everyone could easily have health insurance based on sliding scale fees, the super rich could easily pay their fair share of taxes(& continue to NOT create new jobs), the budget could easily be balanced without cutting, but increasing social services & we could be totally safe from terrorists without any war.   However, In the words of the late John Belushi: "but noooooooooooooo"

Every empire has it's rise & fall.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry's preacher colleague says Oprah Winfrey may be the anti-Christ.  Who isn't the anti-Christ these days.  Idea for a new retro quiz show:  "What's My anti-Christ" -- 

Moderator:  "Panelists, please put on your blindforlds and will the mystery anti-Christ please sign in.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Long Form Birth Certificate - at long last!

by Chuck McCoy

New Photoshop filter: "Old 60s Hawaiian Birth Certificate"
It is, of course, demeaning to President Obama to ever have to release any birth certificate, long or short. No white president was ever asked this(all candidates are vetted by government agencies - this claim would not have gotten past them). 
And now. lo and behold, the "birthers"... are claiming it's a fake - surprise, surprise!!!!  No moving on to the possible near future - what if they start a rumor he's not really a man - does he have to pull down his pants? And if they then claim his pulling down his pants was actually a photoshopped pic, does he have to do it again on national televison? And then they claim the "liberal tv networks" used special effects during that live moment - he then has to go to each and every Obama hater's home and privately expose himself for them? 

Yes, this whole birther thing is racism, pure and simple.  If you don't like O's policies, fine and dandy - it's a free country after all(I'm certainly not on board with a lot of what he's doing).  But how pathetic are people who hate having a black guy with a "non western hemisphere" sounding name in the White House.  Dislike him all you want because of his policies, don't dislike him because his skin color is different.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Stupid Stuff Rush Limbaugh Can Say on Future Shows

by Chuck McCoy

Use all of this that you want Rush, your audience will eat it up:
  • Black slaves in America had only themselves to blame for being slaves because they had no ambition, no get up and go. For instance, since they sang in the fields all day, after their work hours why didn’t they just rehearse minstrel shows in the slave quarters. Then they could have approached their masters about going on tour. Their masters could pocket all the money and in exchange, the slaves would have become free after X number of years of touring.