Friday, April 29, 2011

Long Form Birth Certificate - at long last!

by Chuck McCoy

New Photoshop filter: "Old 60s Hawaiian Birth Certificate"
It is, of course, demeaning to President Obama to ever have to release any birth certificate, long or short. No white president was ever asked this(all candidates are vetted by government agencies - this claim would not have gotten past them). 
And now. lo and behold, the "birthers"... are claiming it's a fake - surprise, surprise!!!!  No moving on to the possible near future - what if they start a rumor he's not really a man - does he have to pull down his pants? And if they then claim his pulling down his pants was actually a photoshopped pic, does he have to do it again on national televison? And then they claim the "liberal tv networks" used special effects during that live moment - he then has to go to each and every Obama hater's home and privately expose himself for them? 

Yes, this whole birther thing is racism, pure and simple.  If you don't like O's policies, fine and dandy - it's a free country after all(I'm certainly not on board with a lot of what he's doing).  But how pathetic are people who hate having a black guy with a "non western hemisphere" sounding name in the White House.  Dislike him all you want because of his policies, don't dislike him because his skin color is different.

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