Saturday, November 5, 2011

Attention MeTV Fans: You're Probably Old

They just added MeTV here in Rochester, NY.  I love it.  I love classic TV and they've got quite a lineup.  If I could stay up really late I could watch reruns of the classic Route 66(aka, 2 guys and a Corvette who make frequent stops in various towns  and stumble upon who need their help).   As it is, being a night person with a night schedule, I can sometimes stay awake for The Untouchables, which airs weekdays at 12:30am ET..  Before the Godfather saga, Goodfellas and The Sorpranos, The UT's was our first real look at the mafia.  Lots of other goods show on MeTV too.  Check out their website:

One thing that bothers me.  After the first few hours of viewing bliss, I started noticing an abundance of AARP and Columbia Penn life insurance commercials.  Columbia Penn is low cost, you can't be denied and it sounds like it's to cover funeral costs(because that's almost all they talk about).   Suddenly, it hits me.  All these great TV shows from you youth - they're directed at old people - like me.  The Columbia Penn ads in particular are meant to remind me that it's time to start thinking the end of the line.  So I'm not almost a senior.  I'm in the early stages of being "pre-dead."

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