Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Support Public Education - I'm a Socialist!!

That's according to Ron Paul:  Hey if it ain't privatized, it's socialism.  Ask Grover Norquist, ask Karl Marx, ask Fidel Castro.  Do you support your local police and fire departments?  You're a socialist.  Do you support public parks and recreation?  You're a socialist.  Police, for instance, would do a much better job catching criminals and restoring law and order to our cities if their was a profit margin involved.  

You catch a dangerous criminal and he/she is convicted and sent to jail - you get a bonus.  They get the death penalty and then suppressed DNA evidence shows that person was actually innocent?  You give back 10% of your bonus.  But you still keep the other 90% for a good effort(tax free).  Would this be a great country or what?

As far as parks and recreation are concerned, can you imagine how profitable a privatized Mount Rushmore would be?  You could put a billboard on Washington's jacket that says something like "Drink Dr. Pepper."  

Total Privatization = utopia.

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