Monday, November 7, 2011

Oakland Police, Appropriate Behavior and True Meaning of Free Speech

Now the Oakland police have shot a rubber bullet at a videographer(who asked for permission to videotape):  We all know what happened in Oakland a few weeks ago(I thought since then the mayor came out in support of Occupy Oakland?).  The physical and right wing verbal attacks on the OWS movement, brings up the eternal question from freedom loving right wing patriots.  What is the fine line between 1st Amendment guaranteed free speech and treason(Bill O'Reilly once suggested Al Franken and other staffers of the old Air America radio network be arrested for treason for their criticisms of the Iraq War).   Some possible explanations from the minds of "patriots":

Proper Free Speech
Deciding whether to continue to support Herman Cain or back another right wing patriot candidate

Marching on the streets against Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Corporations

Proper Free Spech
Talking about your favorite news story this past week on corporate owned Fox News

Merely cruising by corporate owned CNN with the remote while channel surfing

Proper Free Speech - American History
Debating who is America's greatest conservative: Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater

Treason - American History
The mere suggestion that 1950's commie-hunting Senator Joe McCarthy was a ruthless demagogue.

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